Fr. Vincent Mesi, OFM, Pastor of Mission San Luis Rey Parish, Welcomes You!

Dear Friends: Peace and good!

Many of the parables located in Mark, chapter 4, are about seeds. They have been called “Parables of the Kingdom.” They contrast the smallness of a seed with the large size of the finished product. In the second parable today, Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to the growth of a tiny mustard seed. It will become a large plant where birds will come to make their home because of its shade. Jesus’ point today is if one cannot find the reality of God’s kingdom in the most ordinary common things of daily life, which mustard plants were, one will not find it at all! Is the Kingdom of God and its values growing or shrinking in our daily lives?

Today in a special way, we honor our fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, stepfathers and all those who have shown us a father’s love—living or deceased! Happy Father’s Day! We are happy to welcome Sr. Eva Rodriguez, SJS who will be here this weekend for the annual Mission Cooperation Appeal for her religious community, The Sister Servants of the Blessed Sacrament. Your contributions will help the sisters to continue to educate and prepare students to know and love Jesus, to live the gospel values, and to help build a better world for all! Welcome, Sr. Eva!

Do you have your tickets for “Monte Carlo?” If not, they are on sale after each Mass today. This evening of great fun includes delicious food, music and dancing, gaming and a chance to win great prizes such as a week in Maui, a trip to Las Vegas or a case of delicious local wines or a tasty Italian dinner with Fr. Vince! Oh, that’s me! It is my hope that this fundraiser will move us along the way to our ultimate goal to renew St. Francis Hall into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing place for the many community activities of this parish!

With sadness, I announce the retirement of our faithful Social Concerns Director, Carmen Parra. Carmen has worked tirelessly for 32 years to provide food, clothing, and shelter literally to thousands of people! We will sorely miss her wisdom, her passion for the poor and the immigrant and her connection with the broader community of Oceanside. Carmen will begin her retirement in mid‐ July. As per her request, she will say goodbye surrounded by staff, Social Concerns volunteers, and her family. You are invited to wish her well by stopping by the Social Concerns Department. Carmen, on behalf of all of us at Mission San Luis Rey Parish, I pray God’s blessing upon you for a happy retirement, enjoying your children and grandchildren! Thanks for everything— we will miss you!

Love, Fr. Vince

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